Sunday, 4 October 2015

Remembering . . . Poppies in Yorkshire

Last year there was a magnificent display of ceramic poppies in the moat of the Tower of London. Each poppy represented a man from the Commonwealth who had fallen during World War 1. It was an amazing display and proved very popular. Sadly, I was unable to make the trip to London to see the piece of artwork, but saw many photos of it.

Now, some (not all) of the poppies are touring different places in the UK, one being the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP). As we did not get to London and YSP is on our doorstep we took a trip to see them.

The blood shed, flowing freely... is incredibly moving to see the vast number of poppies, each one representing a man 100 years ago just like my husband, my father, my friends and my cousins. 

An opportunity to remember those who've gone before who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can live in the peace, comfort and freedom in the UK of today. 

Remembering my grandfather, great grandfathers, great uncles, great, great uncles who's lives were impacted by what they saw and experienced during the World Wars.