Saturday, 9 February 2013

How are they related?

When I am talking to people about my family tree, I get so confused about how different people are related. It confuses me enough how people are related to me, never mind how someone is related to another person!

I saw this and thought it is quite useful to use when trying to work out how people are related:

From FindMyPast's Facebook page 
Two quick examples:

1) What is the relationship between my first cousin's sons and myself?
Using the instructions:
  1. Our common relative is my grandparents, but to them it would be their great-grandparents.
  2. I am my grandparents, granddaughter so on the top row I find granddaughter/son (Column 3)
  3. They are their great-grandparents, great grandsons so down the side I find great-grandson/daughter (Row 4).
  4. Move across from Row 4 and down Column 3 until they cross, this box is my relationship with my cousins sons which is FIRST COUSIN ONCE REMOVED.

2) How is my father (a) related to MY great grandmother's brother's grandson (b)?

Using the instructions:
  1. The common relative is (a)'s great grandparents and (b)'s great grandparents.
  2. Find great-grandson on the top row (Column 4)
  3. Find great-grandson on the left side (Row 4)
  4. Move across Row 4 & Column 4 until they cross, this box is their relationship which is SECOND COUSIN. 

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