Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WDYTYA? Review - Series 10 - Nigel Havers

What another great episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?".

Lovely to hear his father's family's claim to fame through the Hackney carriage business and his fall into bankruptcy. A great story of normal every day life of a Victorian businessman with it's highs and lows. How wise was Henry to pay into the Asylum Society to care for him should times of trouble ever ensue the family.

It is amazing how much information one can gleam through the newspapers about one's ancestors if they were well known in their communities.

His mother's family was also interesting, if the mill had passed down his family line, perhaps he would have been brought up in the humble village in Cornwall and a very different life story. Again though a beautiful depiction of every day life with its dramas and normalities.

I cannot wait until next weeks episode now...

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  1. What a wonderful attractive blog. Welcome aboard the geneabloggers roll. Look forward to learning more about ruths ancestors.