Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 22 - Daily Routine

Each week there are prompts which require answering.

I love being in a good routine, as it generally means I am efficient and effective with my time. There is much more routine during the working week as life can get somewhat hectic, so having a fixed routine gets me through it and helps me get as much as needs doing done without getting too stressed. Weekends are much more relaxed and much less routined.

Part of me also love spontaneity and flexibility so that we can squeeze extra exciting things into the week if required, but weekends tend to be my spontaneous, flexible, fun times. My husband is also much less of a routine-y person as well so he keeps me flexible.

My parents when I was a child were very routined which is why I probably do like a routine to follow. As me they liked to be organised and life was always very busy with one thing or another so routine was important.

My current weekday daily routine consists of:

  • 6am - GET UP, have breakfast, shower, read, etc
  • 7:30-45am - leave home for work
  • 8:30am - work starts and my morning clinic starts
  • 12-1pm - lunch when my clinic finishes
  • 1-1:30pm - afternoon clinics start
  • 4:30-6pm - when clinic finishes pack up and come home
  • 6-7:30pm - cook dinner and eat, make lunch for next day
  • 7:30-8pm - if we're going out (probably 3x a week) we go out for an hour or 2 and if not we might watch some TV or write blogs or just generally chill out
  • 10pm - BED!!!!

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