Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 23 - Memory Board

Each week there are prompts which require answering.

Week 23 - Memory Board

I do not have a current "memory board" as I would call it, but as I was reading this prompt I was staying with my brother's family and I noticed that both my brother and his wife have a memory board in their joint office (which is also their spare bedroom).

My oh so disorganised Memory Board

It is a great idea to have somewhere to pin up memorable things such as event tickets, photos of family and friends and reminders of memorable events. On my brother's he had a medical card which my mum had kept from when he was born as well as lovely photos of memorable occasions.

I do have a cork board in my kitchen which is not very well organised and contains all sorts of pieces of paper pinned to it, from drawings from our sponsor child in Brazil, to the wifi password, the local doctors surgery leaflet, swimming timetable from 2011, my husband's paintings, letters we receive from family members, photos people send us of their children, etc. I am not sure I could call it a "memory board" as it is so disorganised and overflowing that no one can see anything clearly on it!!

Reading this prompt has inspired me to do something about our kitchen corkboard, either buy a larger one or to organise it better and take off the outdated information attached to it.

If I made a new one, I would like favourite photos of family and friends, event tickets, etc and any recent paintings my husband has done (you can see some of his art at his blog Found in Praise) as well as having an area of important information such as wifi password or doctors surgery leaflet. I think this is a task which will be put on hold until we move house and then I can buy a new board bespoke to fit in our house.

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