Saturday, 22 March 2014

An Odd Photo Find...

A few weeks ago, my dad had acquired an old photo album which I was having a flick through and we found this photo:

I know this isn't the best image as its a photo of the photo in the album, but it is a fresh grave adorned with flowers and a headstone commemorating the lives of my great grandparents. It surprised my father and I as we were fairly certain that there was no surviving gravestone (and presumed there had never been a headstone) as we had previously been on a hunt to find it but here there was a clear photo depicting the newish looking gravestone.

My father went back to the cemetery a few weeks ago to look for the stone and found it, so when I get chance this is a visit I need to also pay to find the previously lost gravestone of my great grandparents in Horsforth Cemetery, West Yorkshire.

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