Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 51 - My First Home

Each week there are prompts which require answering.

Week 51 - My First Home

My first home is currently being sold by my parents. It was a 1930s 3-bedroomed semi detached house with a bay window on a hill with a large garden. From the front of the house, it overlooked the valley bottom and the hills the other side of the valley which were scarred by old quarries. The back looked out onto the back drive and the woodland. The house was built in the grounds of an old mansion house so the access was through large gateposts, past a lodge house and up a drive to the back of the house. The driveway led to the mansion house, an old farm and cottages further up the hill.

My first house (after the extension)
We accessed the house from the back where there was a garage base to park the car and a double garage, where my dad kept his cars. There was a steep back path down the side of the garage to the back door, with a small lawn and large vegetable plot to the other side of the path. There was a tarmacked area to the side of the house where we could play as children. To the front of the house there were steps down through a rockery to a hedge. At the hedge ran a path along the front of the 8 houses on the street. Beyond the path there were more vegetable patches to a wall which dropped 7ft down onto the busy main road.

Walking inside the house from the back door, there was a small, narrow kitchen which lead to the hallway. Off the hallway there was a dining room and living room, both a reasonable size and the stairs. The stairs lead to the bathroom, 2 double bedrooms and a box-room. Later the house was extended over the tarmac to the side of the house creating a larger kitchen, study, extending the box-room and adding another bedroom.

We were lucky growing up in this house as it was spacious and there was lots of outdoor space for us to explore and play in.

My cosy living room, in my first bought house
My next first home would be the house I first bought, which was a 2 bedroomed mid-terrace house. It was built in a cul-de-sac, so was a nice quiet road. It was such a cosy house. There was a very small garden to the front, walled off from the road. You walked in through the front door to the lounge which was decorated red and cream it had a lovely warm feeling. From the lounge you wandered through into the kitchen, from the kitchen window you overlooked the back street and the small garden which was accessed through the basement. The staircases were off the kitchen, one down to the basement and the other up which lead to the bathroom. The bathroom was massive, there was a big corner bath and shower, toilet and basin. The other room on the first floor was the master bedroom. A big double bedroom which was more than spacious. From the small hall there was another staircase to the attic bedroom. The stairs came up in the middle of this room, again which was another big bedroom with a dormer window looking out towards the front of the house.

I loved this little house with it's spacious rooms but unfortunately we soon outgrew this house and required the extra space, so later moved into a more spacious house, semi-detached house.

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