Friday, 17 October 2014

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 52 - Inherited Items

Each week there are prompts which require answering.

I have a number of inherited items, partly due to the fact that family members know I am interested in the family tree so pass on items for me to take care of and ensure they will be passed on. 

A jug with my great, great grandmothers name on it:
I found this jug at my mum's house when I was helping her to move. She said I could have it. It is quite a precious inherited item as I own very little and know very little of this side of my family. The jug says "Mrs Wilcock 1899 Leeds" presumably it was made for my great, great grandmother - Sarah Ann Wilcock nee Holmes as a wedding present as she was wed to Charles Wilcock in 1899. 

My Inherited Jug

My great grandmother's engagement ring:
In my grandmother's will she left her jewellery to her grandchildren. An item I was privileged to receive was my great grandmothers, Alice Thompson's engagement ring, which without adjustment fits me well, although I don't often wear it. It is a gorgeous ring. In the jewellery selection I received there was also a beautiful amethyst broach which is in a little old case. It was probably passed down from someone else as well, but unsure whom.

Birth, marriage, death certificates and other documents:
I have quite a good collection of my ancestors documents now, from apprenticeship records, burial records, school certificates to original birth, marriage and death certificates. Everyone passes them onto me as they know I'll be interested due to the family tree research I do. 

A school attendance certificate for my great grandfather, Walter Davidson

My great, great grandfather's notebooks:
After the death of my great grandfather, my dad acquired a box of records and documents which had belonged to my great grandfather and his father. In this collection was my great, great grandfather's notebooks and address books, my dad later passed all these intriguing items to me to aid my research.

Excerpt from Edward Davidson's notebooks
Excerpt from Edward Davidson's notebooks

A collection of photos:
Again from the box of miscellaneous items my father acquired was a large collection of old photos. We are unsure who some of the people on the photos are but I will not throw them out, who knows one day someone may know who's face it is in those photos.

My great, great grandparents, Edward and Martha, great grandfather, Walter and his brother, known as Uncle Ted

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