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Surname Saturday - Presswood

Surname Saturday is a regular blog post in which I will discuss the origins and geography of the surnames which appear in my own family tree.

This weeks surname is PRESSWOOD.

Variants: Presswood, Prestwood, Preswood
George Henry Presswood, my great grandfather

The surname Presswood is probably derived from "a dweller by the Priest's wood". There is also a village in Buckinghamshire and a place in Sussex both named Prestwood in which the surname could have evolved from.

Presswood is a very rare surname and in the 1891 census there were only 72 families with this surname in England, 29 were found in Yorkshire and 20 in Lincolnshire. Although Prestwood, it's variant surname is more common, there are still only 195 families with this surname in England in the 1891 census. 42 of these families are found in Lincolnshire, 31 in Lancashire, 25 in Shropshire and Glamorganshire. 

My maternal grandmother was born into the Presswood family in north Lincolnshire, which is where her ancestors have dwelled for nearly two centuries working on the land as agricultural labourers. I suspect that most of the Lincolnshire Presswood families are probably distant cousins. The oldest Presswood ancestor to have been researched in my family line is William Presswood born 1806 in Lincolnshire. Sadly he committed suicide aged 35 years old, leaving his wife with seven young children. 

I am currently beginning to write the Presswood family story at The Presswood Story, which you will be able to discover much more about my rural agricultural Presswood ancestors in time.

If you have Presswood ancestors from Lincolnshire or Yorkshire in your family tree I would love to hear from you.

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