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Why did my Davidson ancestors move from London to Hull, East Yorkshire?

My great, great, great grandfather, John Davidson was born in Woolwich, Kent (to read more about their story see Chapter 7 & 8 of The Davidson Family) but at the age of about 35 years old, he moved to Hull, East Yorkshire with his young family. 

It has always been a mystery and a question in my mind, why? He was working as a boiler maker in Poplar. He had his wife had 6 children and had lost 2 young children, but all of his extended family lived close by. 

Well, a few days ago, I accidentally found a probate document dated 1869 for his brother-in-law, Joseph William Crout, who died in 1863. This document tells me that John's sister, Eliza Copeland (since remarried) was living at 7 Sutton Row, Hull. In the 1871 census, John and his family are living at 2 Sutton Row, Hull.

Probate Record for Joseph Crout (found at - accessed 30th October 2013)

It appears Eliza's time in Hull was short-lived because she was still in Canning Town, London when her son, Henry Copeland, was born in 1868. By the birth of her next son in 1872 she was back in London - Greenwich, but somewhere in between these dates she was living in Hull.

I wonder if this was the link that John had to Hull which caused him to up sticks and move with his young family? Did Eliza return with tales of a better life or jobs for John? Were there mutual friends of the family already residing in Hull? Did they move together?

One link formed opens another list of questions to ask!!

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