Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 9 - Halloween

Each week there are prompts which require answering. 

R2D2 pumpkin carving
Darth Vader pumpkin carving

A lit R2D2 pumpkin

Halloween has never been an event which has been celebrated by my own family. I grew up in a Christian family so we were not encouraged to celebrate darkness and death, but at my home church when I was perhaps about 8 or 9 years old they organised a Light Party for the children to celebrate "the Light of the World" (Matthew 5v14) instead. At the party, I wore a costume which my mother helped me make as a pumpkin. I took a pumpkin carved out with a nightlight in it and wore green clothes with sugar paper leaves attached to it. I thought I looked fab!!

Now, we get inundated with trick or treaters knocking at the door and if I am home alone, I hate it. After the first few it becomes very annoying so we either ignore them and pretend we're out or go out so we don't have to answer the door at all. A bit old and boring I know!!!

Darth Vader pumpkin carving lit

Two years ago, my husband carved some pumpkins (just because he's a really creative big kid at heart) and they were amazing (see photos).

This year we are going out with some friends and being mean, so as to avoid the constant knocks at the door.

Another one of R2D2 lit

2 little lit pumkins sitting on a bench

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