Saturday, 30 November 2013

November's Interesting Blogs

There are a lot of interesting blog posts I have encountered this month, so here is a selection...

British Newspaper Archive - The British Library prepares to move...

Great news to the northern English genealogists out there, to be getting the Newspaper Archives on our doorstep.

Bonfire (Image link:,
Author: Yoninah,  1 May 2010

British Newspaper Archive - Guy Fawkes Night Celebrations

How was Guy Fawkes Night celebrated in the past?

British Genes Blogspot - Victorian London OS Maps go online

Old London maps are now available to view online and are georeferenced so they can be viewed alongside present day maps.

GeoCurrents - The Geography of European Surnames

Yes, I am a geek who loves names and the meanings of them and their origins, so I found this blog post really, really interesting. There is lots more to learn :)

Young & Savvy Genealogists - Learning: The Village Idiot Factor

More about "the genealogical standard of proof", how to prove the facts from your research.

The British Genes Blogspot - Life in London's Anglican Parishes - exhibition

An exhibition of the parishes of Victorian London, their interaction in society and within their local communities.

Your Family Tree - London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes website revamped

Searching the newspapers, check out the revamped website for the Gazettes online.

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