Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Day 1 - Christmas Trees

This series of blog posts has been inspired by Geneabloggers Advent Calendar to share memories for others in the future.

Our Christmas Tree 2012
"Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, Thy candles shine so brightly" lyrics from the German song "Oh Tannenbaum"

We always had a Christmas tree in the house as children and it was always an artificial one. It was the same tree each year which was stored in the cupboard above my parents bed.

Putting up the tree was always a whole family job, we would listen to Christmas music and sing whilst doing it.

As my birthday is early December, the tree would always go up after any birthday celebrations were finished, for it took up space and was at risk of being destroyed by lots of excitable children.

As the days drew shorter more and more presents would begin appearing at its base.

I will talk more about its decorations on the 15th day of Advent.

Now, things are slightly different. We live in a small house and although we do have an artificial tree, it does not go up every year as when its up there is not a lot of room to do anything else. This year is one of those years because we are trying to sell the house, so we do not want it cluttered for prospective viewers...'s to another year when we will hopefully be in a bigger house with much more room for a Christmas tree. :)

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