Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 13 - Special or Iconic People

Each week there are prompts which require answering. 

Week 13 - Special or Iconic People

I found this quite a challenging blog post to think about, but here goes...

I would invite to a dinner party (although the more I thought about it the more I'd like to invite people one person at once so I could talk to each of them in great depth) are:

  • William Wilberforce - MP who pushed through parliament the abolition of the slave trade - as I truely admire the difficulties he went through to gain justice for the slaves, plus I love the film Amazing Grace and would to ask him how accurate a portrayal that was.

  • Jesus - I am a Christian and have so many questions to ask him about the miracles he did and what his upbringing was like, how did he feel when his parents left him in Jerusalem? Did he feel powerful or different from the rest of the men? Did he do naughty things growing up?

  • John Newton - composer of Amazing Grace - I love the song Amazing Grace as the lyrics are written right from the heart. I would love to ask him questions about his time of the slave ships and how he came to know God? What was his testimony?

  • Queen Elizabeth II - I would love to speak to her about her reign, how she felt as a young girl growing up knowing that one day she would become queen, whether she felt ready when her father died? Perhaps controversially to others, I would like to tell her I think she's been a great queen (although I know others might disagree?!) and would love to know more about her faith.

  • Peter Jackson - film director of Lord of the Rings & Hobbit films - to tell him how wonderful the films are which he directed and what an amazing country he has had the privilege to grow up in. I would live to know where he started and how he climbed up the career ladder so high, so I could help my husband in his career path as an animator and even get him a role on one of his next movies. He also seems as if he's quite a character and like he would be fun at a dinner party.

    The Elton John concert we went to at the new Leeds
    Arena - September 2013
  • A professional genealogist - someone to be able to talk to about all my brick walls who could answer my questions, help and guide me to find the records I require to go further with my family tree.

  • Adam & Eve - to find out what the world was like before sin entered into it, so I can get an idea about what heaven may also be like and better!

  • Elton John - to show him how much I love his music, so he can help inspire me with music again.

I would probably cook a good old traditional roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings!

A beautiful traditional British roast minus a good Yorkshire pudding

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