Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Day 24 - Christmas Eve

This series of blog posts has been inspired by Geneabloggers Advent Calendar to share memories for others in the future.

As a child, Christmas Eve was when the festivities really kicked off. We would arrive at the house of my grandparents or they would arrive at our house with lots of bags and parcels. Sometimes if my mum was busy tidying the house for the arrival of guests, my dad would be given the task of keeping us occupied, which often involved a long walk to tire us out enough to sleep well on Christmas Eve night.

Today, I often end up working Christmas Eve so the festivities do not begin until after work, a time when I can put up my feet or finish off the little bits that need preparing before the day itself arrives, including last minute Christmas wrapping!

We rarely went to a Christmas Eve service at church, although I think we'll go to a midnight one this year, as we are at home and our home church is putting a service on.

This year, I am working Christmas Eve morning, so will go out for lunch with my husband, before coming home to sort the last minute jobs and then we have some friends coming for dinner and a board game.

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