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Surname Saturday - Binns

Surname Saturday is a regular blog post in which I will discuss the origins and geography of the surnames which appear in my own family tree.

This week's surname is BINNS.

Variants: Bins, Binnes, Binn, Binz

The surname is derived from the Olde English binn meaning 'manger' or 'bowl'.

The surname could be:
  • Topographical, to describe a person who lived in a hollow or close to a manger
  • Occupational, to describe a person who made mangers or troughs
  • Locational, to describe a person who lived in a farmstead or a lost village or hamlet called Binns
  • Patronymic, from the Middle English given name BINNE or Old English name BYNNI
  • Or, an Anglicised version of the German surname BINZ

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The surname is predominantly located in West Yorkshire around the towns of Haworth, Bradford & Keighley, where there was a small hamlet called High Binns near the village of Oxenhope, West Yorkshire.

The surname is not a common surname is predominantly from Yorkshire. In 1891, 71% of the Binns' families were residing in Yorkshire and 16% in Lancashire, with a small scattering of the others around the country. 

Based on the high percentage of Binns' families in West Yorkshire it is therefore not a surprise to tell you that the Binns's in my family tree are from Cowling nr Keighley in West Yorkshire. My great, great grandmother was Grace Ellen Binns born in c1869 nr Shipley, West Yorkshire. Her father John Binns was born in nr Cowling, West Yorkshire and was a weaver, as was his own father, David Binns c1816, also from Cowling, West Yorkshire.

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  1. I just ran across your page here. My family emigrated from cowling nr keighley in 48, post ww2. we are Binns' and my granddad came from Cowling, and his brothers (most)etc lived there until their deaths. Wish to discuss any of this, as I have a lengthy family tree contact me btw am in Ontario Canada....David Binns