Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 19 - Who Do I Miss?

Each week there are prompts which require answering.

Week 19 - Who Do I Miss?

My paternal grandparents
At Christmas every year I always miss my grandparents who have departed this world. I had the amazing opportunity to grow up with both sets of my grandparents only an hours drive away from where we were living, this meant we spent a lot of great quality time with my grandparents growing up. They all spoilt us rotten and they were really involved with us, wanting to see us grow up and nurturing us along the way, so I miss them incredibly.

My parents, myself, brother and maternal grandparents

My dad's mum was the first grandparent to pass away in October 2006, she was the person who inspired me to start researching my family history and she could tell me tales of many ancestors from the past. I would always ring her and tell her what I had discovered or when I got stuck ask her questions as she would most definitely be able to point me back in the right direction. The Christmas after she passed away we received as a Christmas present or heirloom a few pieces of her jewellery each, which I will always treasure.

Amelie - my niece
My dad's dad has dementia and unfortunately he no longer remembers who I am, so it difficult to visit him often and spend much time with him, as he often tells us to go before we've arrived. I have great memories playing dominoes with him at their house with the roaring open fire burning in the winter. I remember going for walks to the bus stop or the fish shop with him as well.

My mum's parents passed away just a year apart only a year or so after my dad's mum passed away. I miss my maternal grandparents as they were just always there for me. They inspired me and helped me find my way in life, by enabling me to do things in which I may not have had the opportunity to do otherwise. We spent most Christmas's with my maternal grandparents so Christmas's since have never been quite the same. When I was a student my grandmother would always send me back with lots of food and occasionally alcohol!!! I had a great relationship with them and am sad that they never had the opportunity to meet my now husband, as I think they would have loved him and been so happy to see me settled down. I have so many fond memories though and I will never forget them.

The Hogan's
I miss my younger brother and his new wife a lot too as they currently live in Germany with their new baby, Amelie, who I am yet to meet! We are planning to visit them in the next few weeks so I very much look forward to baby cuddles with my first blood niece (as I have a number on my husbands side already). She looks adorable from the photos, but I so miss them all and the fact I cannot visit whenever I want to see them. But I know they're happy and enjoying their life living near the Black Forest in Germany.

I miss my in-laws (parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews) as well, they all live 3-4 hours drive away and we do not get enough opportunities to meet up and visit one another. We try to at least see everyone once a year but it does not always work out. They're such a loving family I had the privilege of marrying into.

I have lots of friends who live far away as well who I miss seeing regularly, especially those friends I have in Brasil from the time I lived there in 2004-2005.

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