Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 18 - First Present or Gift

Each week there are prompts which require answering.

Another really difficult topic, I have no clue what so ever!!! I guess it would have been my first Christmas and I have a feeling I perhaps got a teddy bear (which I still have!) for either my first birthday or Christmas. It is a brown bear which has a white and red striped t'shirt, leg and arm bands. I seem to think my grandparents gave it to me, but could be totally wrong.

As I have so little memories of first presents I thought I would talk a little about "Special presents".

For my 18th or 21st birthday I received a beautiful black leather bound pocket bible with a zip, which I cherish and there is a beautiful message in the front cover from my grandparents. It was only a few years later in which they passed away so that message and the bible is particularly close to my heart.

For my 18th birthday I received a beautiful china pot with a musical lid which is really sweet and again this was a present from my other set of grandparents who are no longer with us and fill me with fond memories, as grandma always loved to buy us girls pretty gifts, things we could cherish.

I have a pot statue of a lady feeding birds in a tree which is mounted on a wooden base, I seem to remember being told that this was a dedication gift, so it may have been one of my first presents.

My grandma left her grandchildren a share of her jewellery, which were given to us the Christmas after she passed away. In my share I have some beautiful old pieces, including my great grandmother's engagement ring and a beautiful purple broach in an old box.

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