Thursday, 31 July 2014

July's Interesting Genealogical Blog Finds...

This month I have read lots of really interesting blog post which I felt were worth while sharing with all my readers...

GeneaBloggers - Data Backup Day - What About Backing Up Your Blog?

Some really great advise about the importance of backing up your information.

FindMyPast - Findmypast & Wall to Wall introduce Who Do You Think You Are? Story!

This sounds like a really exciting adventure and website, once it's up and running... watch this space!?

Worldwide Genealogy - Just "Google" It

It's amazing what you can find about your ancestors through a random "Google" search.

The British GENES Blog - Deaf & Dumb in Glasgow

Sometimes, thinking outside the box and following new leads can lead us to the correct result.

GeneaBloggers - Genealogy Blog Tip: Obituary Posts

Practical blog post about Obituary finds from your research...

Worldwide Genealogy - Killing Them Off

How can killing off your ancestors help with your research?

The Armchair Genealogist - Reviving Your Tired Family History Blog

Refreshing ideas to relaunch your blogs

Young & Savvy Genealogists - My AncestryDNA Review: A Cautionary Tale

What do you expect from DNA genealogy?

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