Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 44 - Hairstyles

Each week there are prompts which require answering.

Week 44 - Hairstyles

Ok, so this is very much a photo sharing prompt!

My hair is naturally blonde, although I frequently am asked if it is dyed. Now, it is starting to show that it is not dyed with the white hairs appearing through. The once golden look might becoming tinged with silver  :(

Let's start with the early years...

Aged 2.5 years

Yes, I had the craziest, thickest afro, white, stick-out a lot hair.

Thankfully it has now tamed a lot!!!! This was the latest hair cut I had a year ago... 


...but I have not had it cut since so now it is again quite long and straggly, and probably lives in a pony tail more often than not at the moment.

But most of life it has been long and very straight...

Summer 2008

2002 ish

...apart from the days which I curl it for special occasions...

My wedding 2011

Summer 2011

...or had it permed during my student days...


...or braided it in Africa...


 ...but most of the time it looks like this...

2006 ish

...tied back out of the way or in pig tails.

Brasil 2008


  1. No way an afro, although kind of bushy :) Silver threads among the gold. Nice photos of your hair through the ages.

  2. I love your pictures -- great post!