Saturday, 19 July 2014

My ancestor was . . . a currier

Men's Brown Derby Leather Shoes
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A currier was involved in the process of leather making. They dress, finish and colour the tanned hide to make it strong, flexible and waterproof. After the currying the leather is ready for saddlery, bridlery, shoemaking and glovemaking.

Initially when I saw my ancestor, Lawrence Shuttleworth, was a currier I thought that it was a misspelling for a courier, until I googled it and my eyes were opened to what a currier actually was. It makes sense that he was currier as his father and grandfather were both shoemakers. Lawrence Shuttleworth who was named after his paternal grandfather was born in 1829 in Cross Hills, West Yorkshire. He moved to Keighley where he met his wife Sarah Ann Russell and they were married in Keighley in 1854.

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