Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Horsforth Cemetery

A few weeks ago I ventured to Horsforth Cemetery for the afternoon to do some more grave hunting. I had been there before a few times but each time I had managed to miss finding my great grandparents grave, so went back to take some more photos and to find the elusive grave.

The first grave I found was that of my great, great grandfather's brother, Joshua Thompson, his wife, Miriam, daughter Mary Kneeshaw and son-in-law, Reginald Fairleigh Kneeshaw.

Grave of Joshua & Miriam Thompson nee Roberts, Reginald Fairleigh & Mary Kneeshaw nee Thompson

Grave of Joshua & Miriam Thompson nee Roberts, Reginald Fairleigh & Mary Kneeshaw nee Thompson

The second grave I came across was that of Harold & Louisa Meeks, one of the past owners of Meek's Greengrocers on Town Street in Horsforth. A family run business which opened in the early 1880s by George Meeks, Harold's father and finally closed it's doors in the early 1990s, when Harold's great grandson was running the shop. My father did part-time work for David Speight, the son of Ethel nee Meeks in the 1970s in the shop. Although Harold & Louisa are not direct ancestors of mine, their daughter, Ethel married Harold Speight whose mother was Ethel nee Thompson the sister of Joshua above.

Grave of Harold Meeks and Louisa nee Hibbett

"In Loving Memory
died 18th July 1941 aged 65 years
Also Louisa wife of the above
died 27th January 1965 aged 81 years"

Now for the graves of my more direct ancestors, my great grandparents...

...Walter & Kate Davidson nee Parkinson, my great grandparents...

Grave of Walter & Kate Davidson

of a dearly loved
father and mother
died 21st July 1969
died 23rd October 1970 
aged 78 years" 

...and the elusive grave of Harold and Alice Poole nee Thompson and Harold's mother, my great, great grandmother, Grace Ellen Poole nee Binns...

Grave of Grace Ellen Poole nee Binns, Harold Poole & Alice nee Thompson

Memory of
died 31st July 1917 aged 47
son of the above
died 4th February 1954 aged 59
also ALICE
dear wife of the above
died 12th October 1973 aged 78"

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