Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 30 - First Day of School

Each week there are prompts which require answering.

I can quite honestly say I have no recollection of my first day at primary school!!!

The more I thought about it the less I seemed to remember, as I cannot even remember seeing a photo of it neither, I presume there will be one somewhere. I would have been nearly 5 years old when I started primary school and I presume my mum must have taken me with my younger brother probably in tow as well. 

My first school was St Saviour's County Primary School in Bacup which was at the time a green "temporary" prefab building (which remained for ~20 years!) in Stubbylee Park and we lived quite close so most probably walked to school.

My first teacher was called Mrs Myhill (if that's spelt correct) & the head teacher was a fun man named Mr Heys, he used to play funny songs on the guitar in assembly which we all enjoyed singing along to. Unfortunately he left the school in my first years there.

I was starting school with my friend from nursery called Charlotte, we would later move onto secondary school together and although we were not always bestest of friends, we were generally always friends.

We had no school uniform so I could have worn any clothes on my day at school.

Perhaps I'll have to ask my mum or dad some questions soon and update this post.

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  1. You aren't alone in having few memories. After 64 years things get a little fuzzy.