Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 33 - Regrets

Each week there are prompts which require answering.

Week 33 - Regrets

I found this prompt quite hard, one as I probably do not like to live in REGRET but at the same time some of my regrets in retrospect have turned out for the better. I also do not think I have any MAJOR regrets but in time I suppose I will...

I often think back to certain points in my life and regret the ways in which I reacted to something or wish I had done or said something different in certain situations. Most of them are not massive regrets but now I look back and realise I have learnt something from each of these experiences which have changed how I may react or what I might say in the future. Each day we become wiser and more experienced!!

There are a few friends I regret not having kept in better contact with and now have lost contact altogether... but in retrospect we cannot all keep in close contact with all of our friends from the past.

I regret eating a lot of rubbish and not doing enough exercise over the past weeks and months as I regret putting on that weight back on that I spent the whole of last year losing!!! After enjoying my Easter eggs and now the weather is getting better is my challenge to get back into shape.

In some ways I regret buying my little house, as now we're struggling to sell it and want to buy somewhere larger, but we're stuck until we can sell it... but at the same time it has been an awesome house and when I bought it, I did not expect to get married 2 years later and out grow it with my husbands LEGO collection. But then again if I hadn't bought the house perhaps we would have never got together....?!

I love drinking big creamy hot chocolate but using about 15 minutes later I am regreting it, when my tummy is reminding me of my lactose intolerance!!!

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