Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 35 - Aunts & Uncles

Each week there are prompts which require answering.

Week 35 - Aunts & Uncles

Let's start with my blood relatives, I have 3 blood related uncles:
  • Uncle Grahame, he is my dad's elder brother and has been married to my Auntie Hilary since long before I was born.
  • Uncle Andrew D, he is my dad's younger brother.
  • Uncle Andrew S, he is my mum's younger brother who married later in life, so I have never really called her Auntie Sue, but she is an aunt as she is married to my uncle.

Growing up my aunts and uncles lived quite far away, so we perhaps only saw them once a year, if we were lucky. I do remember spending time with my dad's family (aunts, uncles, cousins etc) often at New Year, all crowded around my grandparents roaring open fire, playing cards or dominoes with my grandfather, uncles, parents and cousins.

I had a huge number of great aunts and uncles, but did not know them all well. The ones I remember spending time with on a regular basis were:
  • Auntie Kathleen and Uncle Arthur - Auntie Kath would never forget anyones birthday and loves writing letters to us all even now. She loves to know what we're all doing with our lives.
  • Auntie Aileen - was a spinster, who died when I was only 7 years old. My dad spent a lot of time with her growing up and so has many fond memories of her, which he has shared. I remember visiting Auntie Aileen in hospital on Sunday afternoons when I was young, she gave me a small holdall bag keyring, which I have always treasured.
  • Auntie Dulcie - who was also a spinster, lived not far from my grandparents so would come and see us if we were visiting. I remember as a young child visiting her house and she gave me an owl soft toy, which I still also treasure.
  • Auntie Brenda and Uncle Brian also lived not far from my grandparents so we saw them semi-regularly at family gatherings. I was also a bridesmaid for their daughter when she married. More recently she has been a great help in providing information to help with my family history research.
  • Auntie Kath and Uncle Jim - we did not see often but received regular birthday and Christmas wishes from them, again more recently Auntie Kath has been able to help in providing me with some family history stories and information.

As we did not live locally to our extended family, we saw more of good friends of my parents. As far as I can remember there is only one couple who I called Auntie and Uncle - Auntie Penny and Uncle Brian - they are great friends to my parents and as a child we also spent a lot of time with them when my parents were working. Even though I now live further away I can always pop into their house and feel at home when I am passing by.

I have really fond memories of all my aunts and uncles, whether close or distant blood related or not and I will always cherish those memories I have of them in my heart.

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