Saturday, 31 May 2014

May's Interesting Genealogical Blog Finds...

No Story Too Small - The Twist In The Tree: Martha Harris Orr Starkey

An interesting tale of how you can be related to both the husbands of your 3x great grandmother!!!

Wait But Why - Your Life in Weeks

Have you ever looked at what your life may look like in weeks? It is quite a fascinating read to discover that each week in our lives is a diamond and how precious life is...

I love musing over maps (old and new), but this blog post explains really clearly how using old maps can really benefit your family research.

The British GENES Blog - Why not keep a diary? In pen and ink...

A challenge to keep a diary for future perhaps the old fashioned way.
Some great tips for how you might utilise the Evernote app to the best of your ability and aid your organisation!

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