Thursday, 5 June 2014

Death from a Splinter

I have been doing some more research on FMP newspapers whilst I have the months cheap subscription and accidentally discovered this newspaper report about my great grandfather's brother, Samuel Victor Poole (1899-1935).

Excerpt from The Yorkshire Post & Leeds Intelligencer on 20th September 1935
(Image accessed on on 24th May 2014)

My grandmother had told me many years ago that Samuel had passed away through septicemia from a splinter, but I had never really looked into this story further, but this newspaper article confirms the family story. It is nice to have evidence to back up family tales.


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  2. The newspaper clipping is a good find. It's nice to have support for stories that have been passed along, especially when one sounds far-fetched.

  3. It is great to have a newspaper 'clipping' to back up a family story. I've recently come across several interesting stories about family members in newspapers. One is about the son of one of my ancestors who died a horrible death after being run over by a train. It breaks my heart to read stories like that.