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Common nicknames or Abbreviations

I was inspired by my grandmother to start researching my family history as she would talk about Cousin May, Aunty Polly married so and so....etc. As I started to research for Aunty Polly, I became rather confused, there were no Polly's in that family! When I looked further I started to realise there were a number of relatives all called Mary (which was also my grandmother's name too), one was known as May, another Polly, another Aunty Mary and Cousin Mary to distinguish who she was talking about. My grandmother only had one sister and she was often just referred to as "Aunty" without the need for using her given name, but everyone knew who they were talking about.

Another example was my grandad's brother was married to Aunty Lena, everyone knew her as Aunty Lena but yet it was not until her funeral where the extended family discovered she was actually Selina.

Listed below are some common nicknames and name abbreviations to help you with your research but as you talk with elderly relatives and you think they're using a nickname ask them "what was their Sunday name?" as it may help you unlock some doors later on.


Aaron = Ron, Ronnie
Albert = Bert, Bertie
Alexander = Alex, Sandy, Alec
Alfred = Fred, Freddie, Alf
Andrew = Andy, Drew
Anthony = Tony
Benjamin = Ben, Bennie, Benji, Benjy
Charles = Charlie, Chas
Christopher = Chris, Kit, Kester, Kristof, Xr, Xtopher,
Daniel = Danny, Dan
David = Dave, Davy
Edward = Ed, Teddy, Eddy or Eddie, Ted, Ned
Edwin = Ed, Eddie, Ned
Francis = Frank, Frankie, Fran
Frederick = Fred, Freddie, Rick, Ricky
George = Georgie
Gregory = Gregg
Harold = Harry
Henry = Harry
Herbert = Bert, Bertie
James = Jim, Jimmy, Jamie, Jas
John = Jack, Jacky, Jonny
Jonathan = Jno (as John)
Joseph = Joe, Joey, Jody, Jos
Joshua = Josh
Matthew = Matty, Matt
Michael = Mike, Mikey
Nicholas = Nick, Nicky
Peter = Pete
Philip = Phil, Pip
Richard = Rick, Ricky, Dick, Rich, Richie
Robert = Rob, Robbie, Bob, Bobbie, Robin, Bert
Ronald = Ron, Ronnie
Samuel = Sam, Sammy
Steven or Stephen = Steve
Terence = Terry
Timothy = Tim, Timmy
Thomas = Tom, Tommy, Thos
Tobias = Toby
William = Bill, Will, Willy, Billy


Agnes = Aggie, Ness, Nessie
Aileen = Lena, Allie
Alexandra = Alex, Alexa, Sandra, Sandy
Alison = Ali, Ally, Allie
Amanda = Mandy
Amelia = Amy, Millie
Ann/e or Anna = Nancy, Annie, Nance
Beatrice or Beatrix = Bea, Trixie, Beattie, Trissy
Caroline or Carolyn or Carolina = Carrie, Carol, Carly, Lynne, Lyn
Cassandra = Cassie, Sandy, Sandra
Catherine = Cathy, Cath, Cate, Cat, Kit, Cassie
Charlotte = Charlie, Lotty, Chattie, Lota, Lola
Christine or Christiana or Christina = Chris, Chrissie, Tina, Christy, Chrissa
Deborah = Debra, Debbie
Dorothy or Dorothea = Thea, Dot, Dottie, Doll, Dolly, Dora, Dee
Edith = Edie, Dee
Eileen = Lena
Eleanor = Ellie, Nellie, Nell, Nora
Elizabeth = Beth, Betty, Liz, Lizzie, Eliza, Bet, Betsy, Bess, Bessie, Ellie, Lisa, Elisa, Libby, Elsa
Emily = Millie, Emmie, Em
Emma = Em, Emmie
Esther = Hetty, Essie, Ettie
Florence = Flo, Florrie, Flossie, Flora
Francis = Fan, Fanny, Fran, Franny, Francy, France, Franky, Fran
Georgina = Nina, Georgie, Gina
Hannah = Ann, Anna, Annie, Nana, Nanny
Helen or Ellen or Helena = Nell, Ellie, El, Nellie, Lena, Lallie
Henrietta = Ettie, Etta, Hetty, Netty
Janet or Jane = Jenny, Nettie, Netta
Katherine, Kathleen, Kathlyn = Kate, Katy, Katie, Kathy, Kat, Kay, Kit, Kath
Margaret or Marguerite  = Daisy, Maggie, Marge, Margery, Margie, Madge, Margot, Margo, Magsie, Maisie, May, Meg, Megan, Peggy, Greta, Rita
Martha = Matty, Marty, Pat, Patty
Mary = Molly, Mol, May, Mae, Polly, Minnie
Patricia = Pat, Patty, Tricia, Trisha, Trish, Trissie, Patsy
Roberta = Robbie, Bobbie, Bob, Berta, Bertie, Robyn
Rosemary = Rosie, Rose
Sarah = Sally Sal, Sadie
Selina = Lena
Virginia = Ginny, Ginger, Jenny, 

For some other nicknames see: Women's namesMen's names & Traditional Nicknames

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