Wednesday, 14 August 2013

WDYTYA? Review - Series 10 - Lesley Sharp

Barnado's Badge
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Wow, a very different episode of Who Do You Think You Are? but so inspiring to hear the tales of her own adoption and real family as well. Her real father was obviously a lovely chap who wanted to do the best he could for his own family, but sadly it meant Lesley could not know him and that she had to be given up by her mother for adoption. Her poor mother had to live with the guilt of hiding her pregnancy, birth of her baby and giving her up for adoption. A big secret that the family never knew until recently!

A beautiful episode, showing the great works of Barnardo's in the past and the huge value to children who are given up being adopted into a stable loving families, who value children.

Wonderful to also see that adoption was found in her father's family in the past and that she could meet her great grandfather's foster child's grandson and see those 100 year old spectacles that were first bought for George by Lesley great, grandfather!!

Another impressive, well written and put together episode, WELL DONE WDYTYA?

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