Saturday, 31 August 2013

Interesting Family History Blog Discoveries...

Some interesting blog finds I have read over the past month of August:

British Newspaper Archive - What's in a name? Choosing a name for a baby

A summary of Royal chosen baby names and others...

Jeanie's Genealogy - Back to where she came from 

A lovely intriguing tale of her Irish ancestors trips from Ireland to the US. - The most unusual 1911 census return?

A census return which tells the tale of Roger the Airedale Terrier

British Newspaper Archive Blog - If Henry VIII Had Used a Gillette Razor...

A 1930's newspaper advert for the Gillette Razor

Ancestry Blog - Ten common research mistakes

A really useful blog post if you're getting a bit stuck with your research!!

British Newspaper Archive - Evacuation of Children from UK Cities - 30 August 1939

A fascinating read especially as my grandfather and great aunt were two of the 50,000 evacuated from Hull, East Yorkshire.

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