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WDYTYA Review - Series 10 - Nitin Ganatra

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Author: User:Pumbaa80, 10 Jan 2007
Have just watched this episode of WDYTYA on iPlayer this evening as I was out at an Elton John concert in Leeds last night when it was live on TV...but more about Elton John on my other blog These are a few of my favourite things when I get some time to write about it!

A great episode of WDYTYA, very different but really interesting. Allowing Nitin to speak with his ancestors to gleam information as well as going out and researching. It also shows how difficult it can be to research your overseas ancestors, and shows how lucky we are in the UK to have a whole host of records to research at our fingertips.

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A fascinating story of survival and sacrifices made in the face of true poverty and dire need. Fancy moving your family all the way to India to work on the British Empire railways. Also, such a sad story of his mother's siblings and her family, I cannot imagine the sadness of losing that many children, nor marrying at the young age of 6 years old.

Lovely to see a different culture researched in light of the British empire and what was happening in the rest of the world whilst Britain was a great nation.

Another fab episode...can't wait until next week now.

The episode reminded me of my time spent in Malawi in 2007, there were many Indians living there and they were often the business minded people there also.

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