Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WDYTYA Review - Series 10 - Sarah Millican

Old Fashioned Diver's Helmet
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Author: Szilas, 23 Sept 2013
Another fantastic episode of WDYTYA.

Two amazing stories of Sarah Milican's inspirational ancestors.

Firstly, James Hoult, her great x3 grandfather who was one of the first divers in the world!!! I never realised that Whitstable was famous for diving, I have many a mariner ancestors from the north Kent coastal towns, such as Whitstable and Herne Bay. I thought Sarah looked great in the early diving kit.

Absolutely fascinating records about John Malcolm's time working for the Hudson's Bay Company...with great prospects of adventure and prosperity for young men, but so so scary to get lost in desolate north Canada in the middle of winter. Even more horrendous to go on and lose both your feet to frost bite with no anaesthetic...OUCH!

It was beautiful to hear that he lived a long life and was able to marry, have children and settle down to a life, despite being an amputee in the early 19th century.

Until next week's episode....(although I will be on holiday so it might be longer before you see my review!)

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