Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Book Of Me, Written By You - Week 3 - My Physical Self

Each week there are prompts which require answering. 

Week 3 - My Physical Self

I am going to describe myself from the top down, starting with my hair...

I have blonde, golden hair scattered with a few greys now. My hair is quite wirey and when I was younger my friends told me I have a blonde Afro. It is naturally very straight but has been permed a number of times in the past. Currently it nearly shoulder length and it is the shortest it has really ever been in the last year, previously I always had quite long hair and it is so thick. I wear it up and down, in plaits or a pony tail or pigtails, it is very versatile. I have a very blonde streak of hair at the nape of my neck, which I believe is from a birth mark.

I have a very small hole in the top of my right ear, which the doctor tells me is a sinus, probably genetic as my brother also has one. It occasionally becomes inflamed, red and sore.

I have two holes in my ear lobes but these often adorn earrings, studs in the second hole and often dangly earrings in the bottom holes. I used to like wearing odd earrings but now stick with matching pairs.

My eyebrows are much darker than my hair so I often get asked whether my hair colour is natural but I assure you it is.

I have blue eyes and often wear glasses. I have a few small moles on my right cheek and a very chicken pox small scar on my right eyelid, which has nearly totally faded with time. There are a few lines starting to appear, although I always try to remember to moisturise my face, but the smile lines are starting to remain.

My teeth are all my own although some were removed to make space for my other teeth. I have 3 wisdom teeth and the fourth is threatening it's appearance soon, as it occasionally feels a bit sore. I am lucky because I have no fillings at present. My upper jaw is slightly crooked meaning the teeth on the right side of my mouth do not meet but the teeth on the left side of my mouth are a bit more worn down from chomping my food, so one day I expect the right side to meet again. It also means I have a slightly crooked smile.

I wear size 10 clothes but depending on where I buy clothes sometimes I end up buying between size 8 and 12 clothes.

I have a number of moles down my arms (and my legs as well) with knobbly elbows and at the end of my arms are my big hands. I have very long pianist fingers and my fingers are quite chunky especially around the knuckles. I always wear my gold wedding ring on the 4th finger of my left hand. My hands are where most of my scars are:

  • my left index finger - a bread knife cut scar
  • my right index finger - a tin of peas cut scar
  • my right palm  - a barbed wire fence scar
My fingertips are constantly wrinkly as if I have just had a shower, but its because I have eczema. My eczema affects only my hands but my right hand more than my left hand and at present I have some lovely red slightly infected eczema spots on the palm of my right hand. I rarely wear nail polish unless I am going somewhere special, which is the same with my engagement ring.

My feet and legs are fairly normal, they're rarely on show but as with my arms I have a few moles. I wear size 7 shoes generally.

I am about 5 foot 5 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 9.5 and 10.5 stone, of average build.

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  1. Well done! I also have a barbed wire scar that I completely forgot about until I read that you had one, too! I'm hopeful that I would have noticed when I go to write part 2 of my entry. The first week was just dedicated to my weight because it's the LAST thing I wanted to write about. =) Love your blog and am looking forward to reading future posts!