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The Book of Me, Written by You - Week 4 - My Favourite Season

Each week there are prompts which require answering. 

Week 4 - My Favourite Season

I thought for quite some time about this prompt, which is my favourite season? I eventually decided that I love every season probably equally for very different reasons. I will explain each season and why I love them all, for I believe each season is God given and I can see God in each season of the year, which is partly why I do not have one favourite season.


I will start with AUTUMN as we're about to enter into this season shortly. 

Autumn leaves
I love all the autumnal warm colours, the red, golden and browning tree leaves next to the deep green evergreen trees. A lot of bright colours in nature brighten the world when the nights start to close in upon us. 

I love walking through autumn woodland when the odd speckles of summer light through the leaves become brighter due to the lack of leaves on the trees. There is also the golden path which guides you lined with crispy, crunchy leaves which give a sense of satisfaction to wade through and kick around.

I can smell the autumn bonfires in the air smell as we get closer to November and as the weather becomes colder there is something comforting in wrapping up lovely and warm at home in a blanket or a nice big coat and boots. In the dark nights we can sit around bonfires, watching the gentle flicker of the flames and enjoy the glowing warmth in which it emits.


Winter - crispy ice
In winter I love the bright, crisp, fresh frosty mornings and the beautiful white snowfall which I believe is sent by God to brighten our darkest days of the year. I love going out in the fresh snow and seeing it glisten and shine and it smooths everything over.

I also love the sound of the crunchy frozen fallen autumnal leaves and the crunching footsteps in the frozen puddles.

Christmas is also a very significant part of this season - a time for family, holiday, to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Listening to Christmas carols and songs, each of which reminds me of a significant Christmas past. 

Winter - frozen leaves

I love decorating our homes with lights, cards and decorations and the joy of giving and receiving gifts. I remember sitting around the open fire place at my grandparents with the extended family playing games and enjoying one another's company.

Winter brings the new Year with new hopes and prospects, a time to consider where your life is going and what you'd like to change. A period of reflection and to look forward to the future.


Spring - cowslips
Is a season of new life, where fresh green delicate plants and flowers start breaking through the ground. The cowslips, daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops. A new season with again new and fresh colours to refresh our souls. 

The joy as the days grow longer and the days are warmer. The beauty of new life with little bright white lambs bleeting and scrambling in the fields, new chicks and ducklings. The sounds of morning birdsong begin to reappear as the birds return for the summer.

Spring and Easter daffodils

Easter is another fantastic time of the year to be able to spend holiday time celebrating the new life and reflect over the salvation and freedom we have through the fact that Jesus died on the cross for each and every one of us. The sense of cleansing we can receive through what happened at Easter and celebrating the new life we have received whilst seeing all the new life appearing around us.


Summer - sun, sea and sand
I never realised how much I love summer until this year. In Summer 2012 my husband and I travelled around New Zealand in their winter so we missed most summer season, at the time I did not miss it but this year I have loved the beautiful warming heat and the freedom of not having to take a coat with me and to be able to wear sandals. 

I enjoy the long days and the extra energy that fills you with. A season to enjoy the great outdoors and travel to visit the sea, mountains, moorland and lakes. 

A trip to the seaside calms the soul with the sound of the crashing of the waves and the feeling of sand between one's toes. To play on the beach building sandcastles and soak up the summer sun which lifts the mood.

The beautiful bright colourful flowers and the smells they bring followed by the late summer season of foraging for fresh sweet berries and eating them with ice cream.

The bright, warm days also reminds me of the time I spent Brasil and the memories that adventure holds in my heart and my mind.

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  1. Love your post! Your writing is so poetic! I love all of the seasons as well, but I've always played favorites with Summer... =)