Sunday, 25 August 2013

WDYTYA Review - Series 10 - Gary Lineker

Danielle Lineker and Gary Lineker
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Author: Liton Ali, accessed 7/2/14
Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to see Gary Lineker's episode of WDYTYA? live, so I have just watched it on BBC iPlayer this afternoon.

I have been very much looking forward to Gary Lineker's episode as he always comes across and genuine and humble ex-footballer and now TV presenter. I was interested to find where he had come from, was he from a rich family or just a normal working class family and the origins of his own surname.

It was still interesting to look into his grandmother's ancestry and for him to learn lots about two extremes of his ancestors, from a poacher who stole to keep and care for his own family and landed himself in prison several times to Tom Billingham, the law writer who had a lucky break to achieve great things.

It showed the depth of need during the times of great change in the early Victorian era especially in the rural communities with the failing cottage industries and the risk one would take to feed his own family.

A beautiful picture was painted of Tom Billingham's kindly benefactor who gave him a lucky break, by supporting his education and I loved seeing his apprenticeship document and right at the end a document that he had so beautifully written.

A lovely episode...

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